Kitpas for Bath with Sponge - 10 Colors

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Our newly enhanced Kitpas is now made out of pure food-grade rice bran wax produced from Japanese rice. 

Make bath time fun with kitpas Bath Crayons! Kitpas art crayons are completely non-toxic, eco-friendly, and easy to clean up.

Each set includes 10 bath crayons & sponge. Kitpas Bath Crayons float in water & will draw on wet surfaces. With its unique formula, the crayons won't disintegrate in water.

Safety is Our #1 Priority—Kitpas products are made with pure Japanese rice bran wax, which is now even more thoughtful and considerate of our customers, and the planet, and the makers who manufacture our products. 

What makes rice wax a safe ingredient? 

User: Our crayons are petroleum-free and guarantee peace of mind for elders, and children of all ages. 
Planet: Recycling rice bran wax as our material helps eliminate food waste as rice bran is typically discarded after milling the rice. 
Maker: Melting rice wax generates less heat than paraffin wax during production, allowing for a more comfortable environment for the factory workers. 

 The rice we eat as part of our meal is derived by milling the brown rice and scraping the bran layer on the rice surface. The thin surface layer that’s peeled off while milling is called the bran layer.
This bran layer is further separated into rice bran oil and rice bran wax that will be used as the wax used to manufacture Kitpas. Rice bran layer is typically discarded after the milling process, so we decided to give it a second life while eliminating food waste!

Make sure to check out Kitpas’ “Use & Care” information here.