Art Therapy at NEIGHBOR art studio


Hi, I'm Alex, Owner of NEIGHBOR art studio. I am a licensed Art Therapist and Mental Health Counselor and have been in practice for 5 years. Learn more about my services and philosophies below.
Children and adolescents often struggle verbalizing their feelings which may lead to problems in school, difficulties at home, or in developing relationships. My clients are often experiencing anxiety, low self-esteem, struggling in school, or developing appropriate social skills. In providing a safe space to explore and express themselves through art making, I support clients in developing positive coping skills, building confidence, and identifying their strengths within the context of a therapeutic relationship.
Trying to support a child who may be acting out at school, at home, or withdrawing from those around them can be frustrating & scary. As parents & caregivers, we do our best to provide love, support, & compassion for our children but may benefit from empathetic guidance. I look forward to supporting you & your family.
Please note: I do not accept insurance but rather work from a self-pay model. 
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