Watercolor Painting Workshop (Thursday, April 13th | 6-7:30PM)

  • $85.00

Thursday, April 13th 6-7:30PM

Our Adult Watercolor Class introduces basic techniques and skills while also providing a space for creative exploration. This is not your mom's paint-and-pour and it's certainly not a lecture hall. These classes are designed as guided art journeys.

You'll learn about washes, building texture, and the importance of playfulness in your art making.

There's no right or wrong and there's no specific painting you're expected to create and take away. It's about harnessing the skills you've learned and creating – free of judgement from others or yourself.

Each participant will get to take home their premium quality watercolor set featuring 48 colors & five 11x14 sheets of cold pressed watercolor paper. Retail value: $35.